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Top 9 Best Programs How to Hack a Phone Number

Top 9 best programs how to hack a phone number

Phone hacking is the ability to get all the information about what a person does on his phone (calls, correspondence, photos, games, applications) at a distance. We present the 9 best programs that allow you to hack your phone number yourself, without the services of hackers. This is a method available to anyone (parents, spouses, executives, etc.). A way that allows you to hack your phone without learning programming or any special knowledge.

Hackers… to be or not to be?

Our consultants get a lot of questions about how to hack a phone number independently, without resorting to costly, and most importantly to very questionable services of hackers. That is, each time less and less questions about hacking services are coming in.

And this is good… People began to understand that a real hacker will not accept orders to hack a phone by number from unknown people just over the Internet. And so to trust “hackers” who put their services on public display on the World Wide Web is not that unwise, but just stupid to the extreme.

Worthy alternative

Now developed a lot of easy to use spyware, which should be installed once on the target phone and never come close to him. Installation of such software is extremely easy and uncomplicated, because the developers originally aimed at ordinary people who do not have programming skills.

Programs for phone hacking will allow:

Parents to see where their child goes after school, to whom he calls and what he talks about, to whom he writes, what sites he visits, what photos he gets.
Jealous spouses to find out if the other half is telling the truth and how faithful the family ties are.
Managers to control the pastime of their employees during the workday.
Attention! Other ways to hack are described in detail in the article “5 ways to hack someone else’s account or phone”.

A little bit about the law

Due to the fact that modern phones have ceased to be a device only for calls, and became a full-fledged storage of personal information, smartphone hacking today is equated to an invasion of privacy, exactly like in an apartment, a bank safe deposit box and so on.

Therefore, any unauthorized act of intrusion into personal space (which includes phone hacking without the owner’s knowledge) is a violation of the law. The victim has every right to sue if someone decided to hack the phone without asking and take out personal information (correspondence, photos, call records, movement history, etc.).

Top 9 best programs to hack your phone yourself

1. mSpy program

If you are looking for how to hack your iPhone, then you need to download mSpy for IPhone. An excellent program that will allow you to intercept all correspondence from messengers, record calls and find out everything you pressed on the keyboard of IPhone or iPad (which run on iOS operating system), as well as on cell phones and Android tablets. In short, it is a reliable hacker program that allows you to hack your phone, no matter what operating system it runs on, Android or iOS.

2. Cocospy Program

Ideal for those who are looking for a way to hack a phone number without access to the phone itself. This is the way out if you can’t get hold of the phone in any way and the phone itself is an iPhone. But remember, if you want to hack Android, then installing the program on it is mandatory.

To remotely hack an iPhone you need to:

  • Create an account on the site
  • Learn target iPhone data
  • Sign in iCloud
  • Enter iPhone info
  • Hide the program icon after installation

So, if you need to hack iPhone without access, this program is just what you need. Reliable, tested, working, not as great functionality as VkurSe, but also quite good.

3. Neospy program

This program will show you how to hack a person by phone number. It is one of the best spyware. Without Root rights will record calls, locate and allow you to monitor your email. If Android is rooted, then you can track keystrokes, intercept correspondence from social networks and get a lot of interesting spy features. Hacking Android is done by installing this program on the device itself.

4. Android hacker program AndroRAT

This program allows you to hack the phone, knowing the phone number – that is, you can connect to the service with a simple text message or phone call. It is a free phone hack. By installing the program on your phone, you get remote access to the phone.

Once installed, you will be able to do almost everything on behalf of the owner:

  • make calls;
  • send texts;
  • take pictures with the camera;
  • open a URL in the default browser;
  • collect information about received messages;
  • track coordinates on the map;
  • and more.

So, if you need hacking via SMS without access to the phone, then this program is the best for you.

5. Hacker application Hackode

This application will allow you to hack by phone number. It works on Android. You need to install 3 modules: for reconnaissance, scanning and security. Google accounts, IP addresses, search engine, etc. will be available to you. This application is great for IT professionals. The link to this hacking program can be downloaded for free from their official website.

6. Dynamic Analysis by DroidBox

One of the best applications for Android hacking. Gives you the opportunity to see all installed programs on your smartphone. You can also find out literally everything about the network traffic. In addition, you can receive SMS messages and phone calls. Perhaps not in the record, but in a detailed detailed description. It directly depends on the Android version and the brand of the phone. For example, what you can see on the Korean devices of 2016 release, in no way can be seen on smartphones manufactured in China in 2020. Therefore, it is necessary to install and check the functionality specifically on the target phone.

7. Router Default Passwords

It immediately becomes clear by the name that this is an Android hacker, which will find the password from your router’s Web/Http/Telnet interface by default. In other words, you can quickly find out the router’s password. Besides, you will have access to the router’s settings. The developers of this hacker program warn that it is not intended for recovering Wi-Fi access passwords and is in no way connected with hacking someone else’s phone.

8. iKeyMonitor program

Hacking through a phone number can also be done with the help of this, quite popular program. It is installed directly on the phone. Has basic spy features available without Root rights and features that open after you root your phone. There is a free trial period. Will help intercept passwords to social networks, bank cards and the device itself. Also records calls and transmits correspondence.

9. Android Monitor program

Allows you to understand how to hack a person by phone number. Installed directly on the target Android phone. Hides after installation. Works automatically. Has most of the spy features. Will help track the movement, as well as know who he writes and calls a person, what he is interested in the Internet and who likes in social networks. Works and is installed similarly to the program VkurSe. You can download the installation file for free from the official website.


So is it possible to hack a phone by number, through SMS or by installing a hacking program? Yes, you can. And it is under the power of the average user.

We have provided various programs for phone hacking. They are different and will give you different information in the end. So, before you choose which hack you need, first think about what you want to get from this program in the end. And then the choice will become much easier. As the saying goes: “When you set a specific goal, it’s easier to get there”.

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