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Signs That Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked

Signs that your smartphone has been hacked

It’s dangerous to think that your own smartphone is solely a private digital space that others can’t have access to. People are used to storing their most valuable photos, spontaneous video snippets, important documents, credit card data and even a variety of passwords on their smartphones. In other words, the entire digital life is in one small gadget and to believe that all this data is securely stored is very wrong. Unfortunately, in today’s world of modern technology, there is no device that cannot be hacked. How can intruders hack into a smartphone? How do you know if your phone has been hacked? What smartphone data can get to hackers?

How they can hack your phone: an overview of popular ways

  • Spyware. The easiest way to hack a phone is to take possession of the gadget for a few minutes and install the necessary spyware. Such programs read and record all calls and sms messages, location and movement, as well as social networking activity. The purpose of spyware applications was innocuous – to allow parents not to worry about their children, and bosses to keep their subordinates busy. However, the range of uses for spyware has clearly increased over time.
  • Free Wi-Fi zone. Every time a user uses the public Wi-Fi Internet, he exposes his traffic, information that can be used by hackers for a variety of purposes.
  • Charging via USB port in unfamiliar places. Another popular action, which is often used by travelers – is charging in public places. It is worth remembering that while charging through a USB port, attackers can download any necessary data and then use it for their own purposes.
  • Text messages. Suspicious messages about the bank statement and other types of information notifications, which contain a link to go to, should be ignored, because after the transition, the attackers will have access to any information of the hacked gadget. 

How can you tell if your smartphone is hacked?

  • Unknown applications. If you find an application on your smartphone that you did not install, it is likely that your phone has been hacked. However, after updating the OS, the manufacturer may install an important and necessary application on your smartphone – to make sure that the unknown application is from the manufacturer, you should check the information about it on the World Wide Web.
  • Strange app performance. If you’ve noticed that familiar apps that you often use have suddenly started working strangely, most likely they’re being interfered with by hacker programs.
  • Your smartphone is slow. Many smartphone users incorrectly assume that the phone gets slower as it gets older. If you work properly with your gadget, you know how to clean android from garbage and how often to do it, and it still runs slowly, probably it is running all the same hacker applications in the background, which take up most of the RAM.
  • The smartphone heats up a lot. If your phone heats up a lot, even in standby mode, it’s a clear sign that your phone has been hacked.
  • Self-operating smartphone. If your gadget began to reboot on its own, dialing, sending messages and other possible actions, it is absolutely certain – the device has been hacked and urgent action must be taken.
  • The phone began to run out of power faster. There are many reasons why your phone runs out of power quickly, one of which is the work of hidden applications in the background, which eat up a lot of energy resources of your gadget.
  • Inability to turn off your smartphone. If when you try to turn off your device, it starts to open different applications or enhance the backlight – a clear sign that you have been hacked.
  • Noises or echoes during calls. Any audio interference during a phone call is far from always a communication problem. Moreover, it is most likely a sign of a hacked digital device.
  • Differences in the interface of sites in the mobile browser. If you observe clear differences between the sites opened on the tablet and cell phone, it is worth paying attention to this and checking your phone for hacker applications.
  • Mobile traffic has increased. If with the help of a special application you noticed that the consumption of mobile Internet has increased significantly, it may be a sign that the Internet began to use the hidden application, each time sending the necessary data to intruders.
  • Pop-ups on your phone screen. Any pop-ups of advertising nature on your smartphone are an attempt to download a virus program to your device. You should not click on these windows, and it is better to check your android for spyware.
  • Blocking emails with anti-spam. If important emails have started getting spammed, this may indicate that someone else is reading them.
  • Inability to call or get through. If attempts to call the necessary subscriber constantly fail, it may be a sign of both technical failure of the device and the work of clever hackers.

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