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Husband Tracking App

Husband tracking app

How do I spy on my husband? How do I know who he’s talking to? How to find the mistress of her husband? Install in his phone application to spy on her husband and you will have answers to all your questions.

A very common and almost always a standard situation. Husband is at work late at night, abstracted from participation in the family, regular business trips, he lost interest in his wife. All of this leads to suspicions that the man has a mistress.

But what if all this is the fruit of a violent female fantasy? Maybe he just wants your family to not need anything and takes extra work and really tired after working hours, and not enough energy to communicate with the children or perform marital duties. In such a situation, the wrong steps and constant scandals can simply destroy the family.

To make sure that your spouse is unfaithful or that the mistress is just speculation, install an app to track your husband’s phone. But don’t forget that if you do this without his consent, you can get a damaged relationship and a very real sentence for invasion of privacy. Lest this happen warn him about the installed program in his phone.

Application for tracking your husband’s phone for Android

If you still decided to install an application to spy on your husband and do it secretly, we suggest you consider the tracking program Reptilicus. The program works in the background, in no way giving itself away. The main condition for installing the program is the husband’s phone based on Android, it will not work on others.

To learn more information about your husband’s mistress, if you have one, you will be able to use:

  • Recordings of phone conversations, find out with whom he most often communicates and about what;
  • Surround sound recording phone in the car, in the office, in a restaurant;
  • Location and routing, you will learn at what addresses the husband is most often marked;
  • Intercepting text from the keyboard of the phone will help you find out any information he wrote during the day;
  • Screenshots of the screen will record everything, even the face with whom you communicated on a video call;
  • Incoming/outgoing text messages;
  • Browser history view;
  • SIM card alerts, if the husband is fictitious;
  • Viewing all photos on your phone, even if they were deleted right after the photo was taken;
  • The ability to remotely take photos from the front or back camera of the phone, so you can also see your husband’s mistress;
  • Access to all existing and added contacts in the husband’s phone you can even find out the number of the mistress;
  • Correspondence in messengers and social networks, you can read without Root rights.

In general, the functionality to calculate the mistress of her husband is extensive. And it does not stop at this list. If you add Root rights to this cocktail, then you can remotely and totally control your husband’s phone.

Where can I download a tracking app for my husband’s phone?

You can download Reptilicus, a free tracking app for your husband’s phone, on the main page of our website. There you will also find a detailed guide on how to install and configure the program in your husband’s phone. As mentioned above, the program is designed and works only in Android phones.

To get data from your phone, you need to register a personal account on our website. All the data from her husband’s phone will come into it, so you can send commands, such as to determine the location at a given time. From the moment of registration of the cabinet, you will be given 3 days of free use of the application, without limitation.

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