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How to Track Who Is Spying on You Through Your Phone

If you have a suspicion that someone is encroaching on your personal space with phone tracker app and you have become an object of surveillance, read our instruction. It will help you to expose your stalker and advise how to prohibit surveillance in the future.

What are the ways of tracking?

It is no secret that today the location of almost every person can be tracked using his smartphone. There are several basic methods for determining the device’s coordinates. 

GPS tracking

The most accurate of these is the method based on calculating the geo-positioning coordinates of devices equipped with a GPS module. The coordinates are determined by the satellite by measuring the moments of time when the synchronized signal is received from the navigation satellites to the consumer’s module. This method has undeniable advantages. Firstly, it is free, and secondly the positioning accuracy reaches only 1-5 meters.

LBS tracking

Another successfully used method is based on the definition of base stations of cellular networks of GSM and it is realized by linking the mobile number to landmarks, which are listed on a special electronic map of the LBS-system of mobile operators. The accuracy of this method is from 150 to 1000 meters.

In addition, there is special equipment today that allows tracking the location via Wi-Fi module. Moreover, such tracking can be successful even if the user is not currently connected to a wireless network, but the wireless module of his device is active and in network search mode.

Tracking data via forwarding

In addition to classic tracking methods, the subscriber can be monitored covertly by redirecting the data received from his device to any other subscriber number.
Attackers or those interested in your personal information can set up data forwarding to their phone number, and thus covertly follow you, learning a lot of personal information about you.
For example, having metadata of your photos can tell you about the locations you visit, and with the help of banking messages you receive, you can keep tabs on your financial situation.

How to find out who’s following you from your cell phone number

Most cellular carriers provide the LBS method of subscriber tracking for an additional fee.
You may not even be aware of such surveillance, because, in order to make you a subject of tracking, it is enough to take possession of your phone for just a couple of minutes to confirm consent to surveillance on your behalf, and it is usually not very difficult to do. In order to monitor a subscriber of any cellular operator, it is sufficient for the user to give permission to track the current location once by text message.

Disabling the Wi-Fi module

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, the LBS method allows tracking the subscriber’s location by turning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, so to completely exclude this type of tracking, keep them turned off when not going to use wireless networks for their direct purpose.

Additionally, you can turn off “Accuracy Enhancement” in your phone’s settings, which allows you to make your phone’s location more accurate with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules.
To do this, go to Settings → Location → Accuracy Enhancement and disable the related radio buttons for these two functions.

How to know who is following you via forwarding

To check if you’re being tracked via data going through your device, on any phone, simply enter the combination on the keypad *#21# and then press the call key. After that, the screen will display information about the connected forwarding service. If each item is set to “Not forwarded”, then there is nothing to worry about.
If you found out that call forwarding was set from your phone, but you did not set anything in this case – in this case first of all it is worth to ask your close relatives, probably one of them decided to take you under his control. If you get a negative answer, we recommend you to deactivate this service from your operator. It is quite possible that you have become an object of observation of unauthorized persons.

To turn off the call forwarding you can also use the universal code ##002# by dialing it on the keypad of your smartphone. To find out where exactly the data is redirected, dial *#62#. Do not forget that in the case of connected voicemail, its number can be displayed next to the item “Voice communication”.

How to disable tracking via Android geo-positioning

Tracking a person’s location through geolocation data, which is transmitted if your phone has GPS activated, is the most accurate to date and at the same time, the easiest, as it does not require additional costs from the stalker. All that is needed is the other user’s permission to track, and sometimes you can do without it. It’s enough for someone to have your account information.
On an Android phone, you can turn off GPS tracking by turning off the geotagging feature. You can turn it on as needed and only when it would be necessary for applications such as Maps or Navigator.
In addition, you can disable the location history in the phone settings.
To do this, go to Settings → Location → Location History and disable the associated switch.

Then go to Settings → Google → Security → Find Device and deactivate this function as well.

It is worth noting that this recommendation should only be done as a temporary measure and only applies to cases where you are certain that someone is watching you. If there is no reason for concern, then by disabling these features in the system settings, you can do yourself a “disservice” and in the future will not be able to find the device in case of its loss.

How to disable tracking on iPhone

The iPhone can be detected in the Locator app using other Apple devices in the vicinity, even if the device is turned off. Apple devices are networked around the world and are able to securely transmit the location of other devices to iCloud.

To disable tracking of your iPhone, you must go to the “Me” menu and uncheck the “Share geo-position” option. If someone else has data from your Apple ID, they can track your movements through the Locator app or, even if you haven’t previously shared your geo-position with anyone. Therefore, if you are suspicious, the first thing to do is to change your iCloud password. By doing so, you will unlink your account data from all the devices that have ever accessed it.

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