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How to Hack a Phone Through a Computer

How to hack a phone through a computer: all available ways

How to bypass password on Android

This article will focus exclusively on phones running on the Android operating system, as it is almost impossible to bypass the iPhone lock without hacking the system files of the mobile device itself.

Phone security a lot of specialized security services in the phone, including:

  • PIN;
  • Password;
  • Graphic key;
  • Fingerprint scanner;
  • FaceID.

Despite the variety of types of security software there are also many ways to get past the barrier of passwords and graphic keys.

The most commonly used unlocking methods include:

  • Google account;
  • Services for locating cell phones;
  • Unlocking with a call to a mobile device;
  • Password bypass via smartphone factory reset.

The functionality and methods of each unlock method are sometimes dramatically different, so we should take a closer look at each type of password bypass, looking at all the subtleties and compatibility with security services on the phone.

Through a Google account

After some incorrect attempts to enter a password or picture key, your mobile device will block your ability to log in. At first only for a few minutes, then this time will increase exponentially until the smartphone completely stops allowing you to enter your login password.

After that, a message will appear on the screen of the mobile device saying that you can regain access to the phone exclusively through your Google account, but you need to know your login details in order to do so.

The smartphone must be connected to Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet, as this unlocking method is based on sending a certain e-mail to the user.

In the window that opens, the user will be prompted to enter the data for logging into the account from Google: email and password. This account is created during the first login to the system, as well as when using the official market of smartphones running on the Android operating system – Google Play.

Often there is a mistake, when the user enters the correct data for logging in, but the system still considers that the email and password were entered incorrectly. To avoid this bug you just need to reset the phone, and then you will be able to enter Google Account.

Find My Device

Surprisingly, the services, created by developers to protect mobile devices not seldom can be used to hack them. For example, the program Find My Device from the Google company is intended to help the user to find out at any moment where his phone is at the moment.

This program is extremely useful when a mobile device is lost or stolen. However, in addition to the geolocation of the smartphone, the service also has the ability to remotely access the mobile device.

Of all the functionality of Find My Device we are now interested only in the remote access to unlock the screen.

To perform this function you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Login to the application via a computer or another device.
  2. Authorize in the account to which the cell phone is tied. E-mail and password coincide with the data for signing in to Google Play.
  3. Press the “LOCK” tab to unlock the device.

Calling the phone

The method of unlocking your phone through a voice call to your device used to be extremely popular. However, at the moment, almost all versions of the Android operating system have put a system protection against this kind of introduction to the mobile device.

Despite this, there are still a number of smartphones, mostly older models or phones with not updated operating system, which can be unlocked with a voice call.

During a call to a locked smartphone, you have to minimize the call applications. Without resetting the call, go to the mobile device settings. There you need to perform a factory reset, which will be discussed below.

Discharged battery

The method that works on the same principle as the call to the cell phone. The user to unlock finds some flaw in the system interface and uses it to gain access to the locked smartphone.

When the battery level is low, a notification comes from the mobile device system that the device is about to end. It is this pop-up that is needed to access the device.

Usually the notification comes when the battery level of the phone is 15%.

The user needs to quickly understand the pop-up window, so that on top there is a menu of quick control of the device. Then you need to press one of the setting icons, such as “Mobile Internet” or “Air mode” to go to the settings of the smartphone. In the menu that opens, you need to find the function to reset the data to factory defaults.

It is worth considering that, like unlocking with a voice call, the method associated with a dead battery was extremely popular at a certain time, so the developers of mobile devices could not fail to respond to this weakness of the operating systems of their products. Because of this, nowadays you can find not many devices that still have this interface flaw.

Reset to factory settings

In fact, all methods that are not related to restoring access to the Google account, to which the phone is registered, boil down to this method – resetting the mobile device to factory settings.

Before applying this method, you should understand that all personal information stored on your mobile device will be deleted.

Performing a factory reset is extremely easy – to do this you need:

  1. Go to the phone settings.
  2. Then go to the “System” tab.
  3. There find the option “Factory reset” and activate it.

Unfortunately, some models of smartphones require a confirmation to reset settings in the form of the same password to log in to the device. Therefore, this method may not work on all types of phones.

How to protect yourself from hacking

At the end of our article, let’s talk about how you can protect your personal data from being hacked and shared with third parties. After all, it’s no secret that in the 21st century you can find out practically everything about a person if you have their smartphone in your hands.

If you do not want to become a victim of hacking, just follow the recommendations described below:

  1. Set only strong passwords.
  2. Use additional screen locking apps.
  3. Download programs and games from trusted sources only.
  4. Check any file with an antivirus program before downloading.
  5. Update your operating system regularly.
  6. Do not leave a work laptop or a friend’s PC on the list of trusted computers.
  7. Do not forget to change your password from time to time.
  8. Don’t leave your phone in public places.
  9. Don’t connect to dubious Wi-Fi networks.

Of course, an experienced hacker can easily hack your phone even if you follow all the recommendations described above, but a lamer will have to do a lot of work. In addition, try not to keep information on your phone that can be used against you.

These were the basic ways to hack a phone. We very much hope that you will not use the information obtained for selfish purposes, and that you have studied it only to protect yourself. Otherwise, we remind you: hacking someone else’s smartphone is a crime that can be criminally punishable.

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Software for unlocking

In addition to the basic ways that can be done directly with the system settings of the phone, there are also a number of specialized applications that work with the lock screen of the mobile device.

Originally, this software was designed to enhance smartphone protection, but then the functionality also included the ability to unlock the cell phone remotely.

Such applications include:

  • Screen Lock Bypass Pro;
  • Touch Lock;
  • Screen Off and Lock.

The main disadvantage of this kind of software is the connection to a certain Google account. Therefore, it is almost impossible to use the applications without login data.

Installing a graphical key

To avoid remembering your digital password, create a graphical version of it in your mobile device’s settings. To unlock the graphic key on Android, you need to connect the dots on the display in a certain sequence.

To set the key:

  • Open the Security section;
  • Go to the sub-item “Lock screen”;
  • Click on “Graphic key” and draw a figure.

Do not use the simplest characters, numbers and the first letter of your first or last name. To be sure, draw the figure you came up with on paper and save it to always be able to remember its appearance. If you didn’t do it and can’t remember the figure, read below what to do if you forgot your phone password.

Method via Fastboot

Fastboot is a module for working with the system settings of mobile equipment on the Android operating system.

This mode can be started independently with the help of Recovery mode, which we are going to talk about further on. However, sometimes Fastboot is turned on by itself.

Simply speaking, this module exists for the advanced system settings and when you exit this mode all the user settings are erased, including the services responsible for the security of the cell phone.

It is not recommended for users not possessing an extensive knowledge of the internal structure of the smartphone system to use the Fastboot module in order to avoid irreparable damages to the electronic equipment system.

Reset all settings

Warning! In this case you lose all the information on the hard disk of your smartphone. You can only save data that is available on the memory card, which must first be removed.

The resetting process for each brand of smartphone is different. But in principle, the resetting algorithm of Samsung does not differ from that of Lenovo, Prestigio or Huawei. Its essence is the use of the Recovery menu. To get to it, in some gadgets you need to simultaneously press the volume and power buttons. In others – different combinations, for example, in Huawei, it is a combination of volume, center and power buttons, and in Prestigio it is enough to press the power and home buttons simultaneously. We strongly recommend that you learn how to access the Recovery menu on your model of gadget.

In the Recovery menu go through: wipe/factoru reset – delete all user data – rebot system now. Use the volume button as a joystick, and the power button as a selector. But once again emphasize – in this case all the information from the hard drive is deleted. To resort to this method is necessary in case of force majeure, when you need to make an urgent call, the Internet and another gadget are not at hand.

Important: If you select the wrong item or do not follow the sequence, you can “break” the operating system. And then there will be no other choice but to visit a service center. Also, before using this method, it is worth removing the memory card and SIM card in order to save all the data that they contain.

Unlocking the phone using Recovery mode

Recovery mode is a module of the factory settings, which has any mobile device on the Android operating system. The functionality of this mode also includes resetting all the settings of the phone to the original state of the device, along with this disappear and all the personal data security services that prevent access to the smartphone.

Recovery mode is launched with the help of specialized buttons on the body of the cell phone. To enter the system settings, the user has to press certain keys when turning on the phone. Moreover, on what it will be the buttons on the body, it affects both the phone model and the developer.

There are the following basic combinations of keys:

  1. Power and volume down button;
  2. The phone lock button and volume up button;
  3. The power key and both volume controls;
  4. HOME key and one of the volume controls of the device.

After pressing the correct key combination the user will see the Recovery mode module. In the menu that opens, find the function “wipe data/factory reset” or “reboot system now”. After selecting the appropriate tab, the process of zeroing the data will start.

After finishing all the actions the smartphone will reboot without the activated protection service.

By resetting the mobile device all the user’s personal data will be erased from the mobile device.

FlexiSPY – phone hacker app N5

FlexiSPY is one of the most advanced and reliable hacker software with an impressive feature set and a very high price. Even FlexiSPY’s basic package is much more expensive than the most advanced package offered by other applications.

Lowering its popularity is the need for a jailbreak without which you will not be able to access either the enhanced or basic features.

Advantages of FlexiSPY:

  1. Eavesdropping: FlexiSPY enables you to secretly connect to a monitored phone, listen to the entire conversation, and even record it.
  2. Hidden Photo: With FlexiSPY you’ll always know what the target is up to. Moreover, by activating the camera you will be able to take covert photos of external objects.
  3. Listen to outside sounds: You can “wake up” the built-in microphone and listen to conversations near the target device.

Remote monitoring of the phone from another cell phone

  1. Decide whether you want FlexiSPY Premium or Extreme.
  2. Root/jailbreak the phone and install FlexiSPY on it.
  3. Go to your FlexiSPY dashboard and take control of your target device.


Reprogramming is used to fix critical problems in your mobile device’s operating system. But it can also help you bypass a phone lock.

In theory, to start новуюing the gadget is very easy, you just need to download a certain file which updates the operating system and run it on the phone. But at the beginning of flashing process the user loses the technical support from the manufacturer, that’s why in case of breaking the process the phone can be irrevocably lost.

It is recommended to download the file with reflashing from the official site of the developer of the smartphone. Otherwise, you can fatally damage the internal system of the mobile device.

How to unlock iPhone

With “Apple” phones from Apple, everything is even more complicated. The way to unlock your device depends on what version of iOS is installed on your iPhone. On the basis of this it is necessary to search the Internet for vulnerabilities, which allow you to bypass the lock.

Also, sometimes this can help. Press the “Home” button on your smartphone’s lock screen. This is how you can call up the Siri voice assistant. – “What time is it now.” A clock should appear on the screen in response. First touch the clock, and then touch the “plus” icon in the upper right corner of the display. Next, you have to type a few random letters into the input line. Select them and copy them. Then double-click on the typed letters to open the context menu, select the arrow and “Share”. Choose the “Messages” option and paste the previously copied characters into the “To” line. We wait a few seconds and then press the “Home” button. The phone should now unlock. Done!

Here is one more variant how to remove phone lock:

If there are no other options besides factory reset – you can try this option too. You can reset your phone through the iTunes app directly from your computer to which you’ll need to connect the cable. Of course all data will be erased.

Debugging via USB

Debugging via USB is considered the hardest way to access a locked phone. Common users don’t even know about this method, because only application and software developers use it, as they check the functionality of their inventions on specific devices using this method.

However, if the user is confident in his knowledge of computer technologies, he can try to get access to the cell phone using this method.

Besides bypassing the blocking screen debugging via USB is also used to solve a lot of system problems that arise when using a mobile device.

Once again it should be noted that debugging via USB is a very hard and laborious process, so deciding to use this method to unlock your smartphone, you need to be extremely careful following each step of the step by step instruction.

First, you should find out what version of the Android operating system your device is running. Depending on the time of release of the OS, the debugging will be different.

When unlocking mobile devices on Android 5.1 and lower, you should use this step-by-step instruction:

  1. First, the user needs to download three system files that will be needed to work with USB debugging –, and
  2. Then unpack the downloaded archives as follows.
    The first two files directly to your hard drive, the last one on the path “hard drive (mostly C or D):/Sqlite3_Windows”.
  3. Proceed to the preparation of the device. Switching on the Recovery mode on the smartphone.
  4. Using the USB cable, connect the prepared mobile device to the personal computer.
  5. Run the file called “QtADB.exe” on your computer as an administrator.
  6. In the opened program click on the “Advanced” button and wait for the “/data” partition to be mounted.
  7. Then you should find the menu “Files”, which is located in the left corner, and open, or create if not, a folder called “Sqlite3_Windows”.
  8. Move the file “settings.db” from the right side of the program “QtADB.exe”.
  9. Next you need to do the programming.
    Open the Windows command line and type the following values:
    “cd C:\Sqlite3_Windows”; “sqlite3 settings.db”; “update secure set value=1 where name=’adb_enabled’;”; “.
    Each new value must be filled in on a new line.
  10. Return the file named “settings.db” to the smartphone memory.
  11. Reboot the cell phone.

When unlocking mobile devices on Android 6 and below, you should use these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the same three system files as in version 5.1 –, and
  2. Similarly to the first method, put the mobile device into Recovery mode and connect it to the desktop computer.
  3. The file “QtADB.exe” should be run as an administrator. It can be found using a Windows search engine.
  4. In the “Files” tab, go to “/data/system/users/0”.
  5. Open the document “settings_global.xml” using notepad.
  6. In the line “adb_enabled” change “value=”0″” to “value=”1″”.
  7. Reboot the cell phone.

If the USB tab was done correctly, the smartphone will return to its original settings, which means that all security services previously installed on the device will be disabled.

How to unlock phone memory

Smartphone memory locking can happen for a variety of reasons, so the way to solve the problem will vary depending on why it happened.

Here are a few examples and their solutions:

  • If the memory is blocked due to incorrect entry of the PIN code 3 times in a row. In this case, it is sufficient to use the PUK code (10 attempts are given), which can be found on a piece of plastic on which the SIM card was attached.
  • In some cases the blocking is performed after downloading a program or game with a virus. Then it’s necessary to connect phone with USB to PC and scan the content of folders for viruses, and then get rid of the malicious program code.
  • To unlock the memory of your phone flash drive, it’s also enough to enter a special password, which is listed on the packaging to it. But who keeps all sorts of paperwork at home, right? If you think the same, then try entering the following values: 0000, 1111, 1122, 1234.

As you can see, memory lock is also not a sentence. In most cases, you just need to understand what caused this situation, and then it is easy to solve the problem with one of the above methods.

If all else fails

If no independent method of unlocking the found phone did not help, then you can apply to special service companies.

However, before you give your phone to such an office, it is worth remembering that specialists use the same methods described in this article, so it is worth thinking carefully whether it is necessary to spend money for the provision of services that can be done independently.

Important warnings before attempted hacking

Hacking into someone else’s phone is essentially an attempt to invade a person’s privacy and is considered a criminal offense. Victims have the right to apply to law enforcement with an appropriate statement, on the basis of which a full investigation will be conducted. Even if it turns out that the fraudster did not plan to steal personal data, much less sell it on the side, still for the attempted hacking he will face a tough punishment, up to imprisonment for 5 years.


  • The techniques described below are strongly recommended to use only for introductory purposes, so to speak, to improve literacy.
  • Do not resort to the help of spyware, which is replete with dubious sites, specialized forums and web resources.
  • It should also be remembered that there are still no special programs that allow you to remove the screen lock in one click. Such applications are developed with the sole purpose of stealing user data and gaining access to the functionality of the smartphone to control it from a distance.

But despite the high risks and even the threat of criminal liability, some elements do not stop inventing new ways to hack someone else’s mobile device.

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