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Hacking Someone Else’s Phone

How to get into someone else’s phone

According to most mobile device users, phone hacking is getting unauthorized access to the device’s system data with the owner of the device.


  • What is phone hacking?
  • Why do you need to hack someone else’s phone?
  • How to hack your phone?
  • Apps for remote access to other people’s phones
  • Is it worth using the services of dubious companies?
  • Consequences of hacking someone else’s phone
  • How to protect your phone from hacking?

What is phone hacking?

At first glance this action seems illegal. After all, modern mobile devices are used not only as a means of communication with the outside world. At the moment, smartphones are storages of a huge amount of personal information of the user.

When the phone is hacked, the “perpetrator” gets access to all of the “victim’s” intimate data. Including: photos, videos, correspondence, notes, application accounts that are installed on the smartphone. For most people, this kind of hacking is tantamount to invasion of privacy.

In addition, some hacking methods provide the ability to control the mobile device of the “victim”. That is, the “attacker” gets access to virtually all of the smartphone’s functionality: he can make voice calls and send text messages, set or delete messages of interest, change the system settings of the equipment.

However, despite this rich functionality of many “spyware” programs for gadget hacking, most access to another user’s mobile device is used for the sole purpose of obtaining the compromiser’s personal information.

Why do you need to hack someone else’s phone?

It is worth understanding that hacking someone else’s phone is an invasion of a person’s privacy, because nowadays mobile devices are not only means of communication, but also stores the user’s personal information: photos, videos, as well as correspondence.

Therefore, the victims of smartphone hacking can apply to law enforcement agencies. In this case, an investigation will begin for the infiltration of a person’s private life.

However, despite the huge risks and even threatened criminal liability on the expanses of the World Wide Web it is possible to find many ways to hack someone else’s mobile device. After all, demand breeds supply.

Basically, people close to each other are trying to gain access to a smartphone. For example, parents who become worried about the behavior of their teenage child. The remote monitoring of the smartphone allows them to know about all the secrets of their child.

Also phone hacking is in demand in married couples, where one spouse begins to doubt the fidelity of the other, and reading personal correspondence is the best way to expose adultery.

In addition, the remote access of mobile devices is often used by untrusting employers to check how their subordinate is using the service phone provided to him.

Naturally, the user may have his own reasons for hacking into someone else’s smartphone, but this process is no less illegal.

What are the ways to hack a phone?

There are two basic ways in which you can break into someone else’s phone:

Using specialized programs for remote access to a mobile device;
Use the services of companies that provide phone hacking services.

About the companies that promise to hack someone else’s smartphone will be discussed below, so to begin with we will examine the first way.

Get the data through a specialized spyware is without a doubt the easiest method of hacking someone else’s smartphone. After all, this does not require any specialized programming skills from the hacker. However, the main advantage of this kind of application is that they are virtually impossible to detect by a “victim of hacking”.

Spyware, in turn, are divided into two main types:

  • with access to the mobile device of the hacker;
  • without access to the smartphone of the “victim”.

The first “spy” applications work directly on the phone device that the hacker wants to access. Because of this there is a main feature of this type of software: to hack requires that the spyware is installed on the carrier.

That is, the cracker must have physical access to the device in question. Once installed, the application will begin downloading information from the smartphone of interest to a special online program server. The cracker in turn will have access to this storage.

Physical access to the victim’s mobile device will only be required once. Thereafter, the data will be automatically uploaded to the online server.

The second type of spyware applications works exclusively with Apple’s iPhone smartphones. These programs work by monitoring specialized cloud storage, in the case of “Apple” products – it is iCloud. Accordingly, you will not need physical access to the gadget in order to hack your smartphone.

However, this type of program has a significant disadvantage – the updated data of the “victim”. The thing is that the cloud storage updates the information at certain intervals set by the user. That is why it is not possible to view the data online.

Applications for remote access to someone else’s phone

On the market of mobile applications there are a lot of programs that provide their users with remote access to other people’s mobile devices. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that users’ desire to hack another subscriber’s smartphone is taken into account by malefactors who spread viruses and other malicious software under the guise of spyware, or trick them into stealing money.

In this article, we will take apart the following applications for hacking someone else’s phone:

  • iKeymonitor;
  • IP Webcam;
  • mSPY;
  • Spyzie.

This software has been tested by a lot of users, so there is no need to fear for the appropriateness of the services provided.

Each of the programs provided in the list has its own functionality, so it would be wise to consider the presented spyware applications in more detail.


iKeymonitor is a popular application for remote access to someone else’s electronic device.

The main feature of this spy program is the “keylogger”. This is a specialized feature that allows the hacker everything that has ever been typed on the keyboard: messages, phone numbers, logins and passwords.

Another plus of this software is cross-platform. That is, the application iKeymonitor can be used to crack devices on devices running on an operating system Android, as well as on iPhones with their iOS.

To hack a device using the iKeymonitor program, the user needs to:

  • Create an account on iKeymonitor.
  • On the mobile device to be hacked, go to the website and enter your user details.
  • Go to downloads and choose the necessary file corresponding to the parameters of the device – operating system, presence or absence of rooting/jailbreaking.
  • Install the selected file on the smartphone.
  • Wait an hour for the program to collect all the system information.
  • Go to the iKeymonitor website to access the device remotely.

The best way to get the spyware application is to use the official web-site of the producer in order to avoid malware or viruses.

IP Webcam

This application is more focused on espionage than on providing access to the target device.

The point is that this software allows the user to spy on the “victim” directly through the phone’s front or primary camera, but does not allow the intruder to see any personal information stored on the phone.

IP Webcam works only on smartphones that are equipped with the Android operating system.

To hack a mobile camera using the IP Webcam app, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • First of all, you need to install the IP Webcam application. This must be done both on the mobile device to be hacked and on the equipment from which it will be monitored. This can be a smartphone running the Android operating system, as well as a personal computer.
  • Then the application must be launched. In the menu “Server control” you need to click on the tab “Start server”.
  • The broadcast from the camera of the device will start. At the bottom of the screen will be an address bar, which should be copied into the browser of the device, from which the user will “spy”.
  • The final action is to hide the application so that the user will not suspect that his phone is being watched. To do this, click on the “Run in background” tab in the program settings.

Applications of this type use a lot of smartphone power, because essentially the mobile device will almost always broadcast live video online.


mSPY is one of the most popular programs for hacking someone else’s mobile device.

This application has the following functionality:

  • Keylogger – the ability to recover information previously typed by the user;
  • Geo-Fencing – a feature that shows the actual location of the device;
  • Social network monitoring – the ability to access the accounts of the “victim” in popular social networks.

It should be noted that mSPY works only with Apple smartphones.

To hack someone else’s smartphone using the mSPY spy app, follow these instructions step by step:

Purchase the software from the developer’s official website. mSPY operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means that you have to pay a certain amount of money each month for the services provided. In addition, the price of the offer will depend on the package provided.

Check your email address. In the email sent, select the hack path “with jailbreak” or “without jailbreak”.

For JailBreak-free hack. Enter the Apple ID password and the password of the user whose phone you want to jailbreak.

To get access with JailBreak. Install the required application on the “victim’s” smartphone.

After completing all the points, go to the mSPY control panel and start monitoring the selected device.

It is necessary to purchase software from mSPY only on the official website of the developer to avoid fraud.


Spyzie is a hacking application that easily bypasses the hacker without providing root rights. That is, confirmation from the owner of the phone of the possibility to edit and modify the system files of the equipment.

Another useful feature of the Spyzie spyware is the possibility of remote deletion. This is a very useful function if the cracker forgot to hide the application’s icon or no longer needs access to the victim’s personal data.

In order to gain remote access to a device using the Spyzie utility you need:

  • Register on the official website of the developer.
  • Enter the basic data of the smartphone of interest.
  • Download the application on the victim’s phone or enter the data of Apple ID, in case of remote access.
  • Go to the program’s site and start monitoring.

Spyzie software can be downloaded from the official site of the developer, for Android smartphones and iPhone owners.

Is it worth using the services of dubious companies?

In addition to specialized spyware on the World Wide Web, you can find many companies that provide services for hacking gadgets.

Consider all the pros and cons of this type of companies:

  • Advantages
  • Ability to hack a mobile device without physical access to it 


  • A huge risk of running into scammers
  • Overpriced policy of this kind of companies
  • Personal data from the hacked smartphone is also available to the firm’s employees

As you can see from the comparison, the negative sides of this method of gaining access to someone else’s phone is more, so you should contact the company only in case of extreme necessity.

Consequences of hacking someone else’s phone

The most undesirable consequence that can occur after breaking into someone else’s cell phone – a statement from the “victim” to law enforcement.

Getting unauthorized remote access can be considered a criminal offense, so the responsibility of the cracker for this misdemeanor will be appropriate.

How to protect your phone from hacking?

First of all, you should keep physical access of your phone from intruders, i.e. not to give your phone to strangers, monitor all the actions on your smartphone, when it is used by another person.

Also, you should not leave your personal data, logins and passwords in public places. Don’t give addresses and login information for accounts of different applications to third parties.

The next step in protecting your phone from hacking is to keep the security software stable. To do this, you need to update the system at the first request of the device and have a good anti-virus, or other security application.

We also advise you to watch this video instruction on how to protect your cell phone

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